Car insurance: what is the purpose of driver coverage?

  Driver's coverage is the only coverage provided by automobile insurance that can provide support to the driver of the car in an accident situation. It is important and allows the driver to compensate himself in case of physical injuries. But what are the conditions attached to this driver's warranty?

The stakes of the driver's guarantee

Few people know that car insurance does not necessarily protect the driver. If you are the victim of an accident, the driver and his passengers will be compensated by the responsible driver's car insurance. But if not, if you are responsible for the accident, only the bodily injuries of passengers will be covered by our third-party liability insurance, the driver must fend for himself. However, if you are the victim of an accident where the culprit could not be identified or if he/she fled or if an accident without a responsible person such as a landslide or avalanche occurs, the fall of trees, the coverage covers the cost of caring for the driver's injuries.

Types of driver coverage

The forms of driver warranty are: Driver's own coverage: regardless of the vehicle the insured uses, the coverage will cover it Vehicle coverage: any driver who drives the vehicle outside the insured will be covered by the coverage But the choice of driver coverage is based on the needs of the insured. Two circumstances may arise, the driver must drive several cars in a company, the car is used by many individuals for family cars.

What does this warranty cover?

Depending on the terms of your agreement with the car insurance, the driver's guarantee can cover all or part of your bodily injuries and the consequences related to them: Medical expenses not covered by the social service: consultations, examinations, hospitalizations, operations, medication, rehabilitation, Financial losses due to a temporary or permanent cessation of work due to incapacity and damages related to the interruption of studies,

Compensation paid to the family in the event of the driver's death.

This insurance only represents a certain amount of the car insurance premium, but it certifies a security and financial serenity for the insured. However, be careful, it is also limited by certain conditions, such as driving while drunk or under the influence of drugs, or if the driver has a problem with his or her licence, ...
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