Car/motorcycle insurance: obligations

After purchasing a car or motorcycle, certain formalities are essential. Indeed, it is an obligation imposed by law to insure the driver, but also passengers and third parties in the event of an accident. But what do we need then?…

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Car/motorcycle insurance: subscription, modification, termination

Insurance is essential for any car or motorcycle with a speed above 6 km/h. But before any commitment, the choice of service provider is paramount in order to make the most of its services and to be well covered in…

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What is the best insurance for an electric bike?

The electric-assisted bicycle is becoming more and more popular with the French public. The reasons for this high demand are simple: the price of this two-wheeled means of transport has fallen compared to its high price when it was launched…

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How to contact your insurance company by phone?

The formulas suggested and the contracts proposed by insurance companies vary according to the professionals and their particularities. Each company has its own expertise, and this is what sets it apart from the others. In any case, users, for one…

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The main advantages of international health insurance

Travelling is good but succeeding in doing so while preserving your health is even better!… Be aware of the possible risks you may incur while travelling, the bad consequences they could have on your health and the good measures to…

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Suspension of licences due to the consumption of alcohol or drugs: what are the options for taking out new insurance?

Buying new car insurance after suspending or revoking a licence due to alcohol or drug use is not an easy task. However, today, particularly in France, there are solutions for terminated drivers. Follow the details. The consequences of drunk driving…

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