car hire excess insurance

What is car hire excess insurance – and do I need it?

Car hire excess insurance is insurance that covers the excess on your car hire agreement in the event of damage or theft. It is not a legal requirement, but it is something that we would recommend considering, particularly if you…

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Car rental

Car rental in the UK: find vehicles available online

In today’s world of car hire, it can get very complicated with not only private car hire companies running their own websites, but all manner of aggregators, car sharing and peer to peer car rental UK schemes trying desperately to…

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Installation of external gates: why call upon an expert?

An external portal is a device used to secure your home. It is available in various models to meet all requirements. It delimits your property and often requires the know-how of a professional to set it up.

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The importance of helmet choice when riding motocross

Cross-country bikes are used on rough terrain and motorcyclists must protect themselves against the risk of falling. Like other parts of their equipment, the helmet must meet specific criteria to ensure the protection and comfort of cross-country motorcycle enthusiasts.

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How to get your car back from the impound lot?

When driving on the street, you should always pay attention to your driving. Wherever you live, know that if you are found guilty of an offence, you can pay a fine. If you make a more serious mistake, it is…

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Find a Nissan dealer in Reunion Island

To buy or maintain a car, nothing is usually better than the dealer’s expertise. The various car brands install them all over the world. You should have no trouble finding a dealer in Reunion Island. Despite the remoteness of this…

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