How to insure your second car?

The subscription to an automobile insurance contract generally concerns only one car. However, for various reasons (children's travel, shopping or even personal pleasure, etc.), many people decide to buy one or more other vehicles, which must also be insured in accordance with the law in force. You have a second car, and you logically need another car insurance, but you don't know how to proceed for this second guarantee? Here are the main possible solutions in this context!

Start by adjusting the insurance contract

To insure your second car, you can already start by adjusting the insurance contract. If it is an auxiliary vehicle with a low market value, you have the option of insuring it only to a third party. Whether you choose car insurance from MAAF or another company, you can also tell your insurer that you are not using the car in question for commuting. You can also consider a car insurance per kilometre. The advantage of a tailor-made car insurance policy is that it gives you the opportunity to pay only for what you need. Also, remember to rebalance the contract of your first vehicle, in order to adapt it to its new functions. And if you want to make significant savings, why not contact the insurer who covers you for your first car?

The solutions offered by insurers

Companies do offer attractive discounts to customers with multiple car insurance policies. By purchasing each car insurance from the same company, you can combine the protection of all your vehicles into a single contract, which will be much cheaper than if you decide to use different insurers. Due to its very economical nature, this alternative is increasingly preferred by motorists who own two or more cars. That being said, to achieve even greater savings, don't hesitate to compete by asking for and comparing several car insurances quotes before committing yourself to a service provider. On the website, you will find out more about the advantages of using a comparator before choosing your car insurance company. However, contract consolidation is not the only solution suggested by companies. These also give you the possibility to insure your vehicles as vintage cars. However, there are some constraints associated with this alternative: the conditions are precise, and the use of vintage cars is limited, so you will not be able to use your second vehicle full time. Car insurance companies offer a third option, specially designed for private individuals: the "fleet" policy. The particularity of this solution, well known to companies, is that it allows them to insure up to 3 cars in a single contract. Other advantages are associated with it: fleet insurance is easier to manage, and at the same time guarantees you a significant reduction in the cost of contributions. This alternative still has a significant disadvantage: once you subscribe to this contract, you can no longer benefit from the bonus earned in previous years. In other words, the car fleet does not allow you to take advantage of your history or of a possibly better reduction-majority coefficient. So be sure to take out your second car insurance policy according to what suits you best!
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