Installation of external gates: why call upon an expert?

An external portal is a device used to secure your home. It is available in various models to meet all requirements. It delimits your property and often requires the know-how of a professional to set it up.

Why to install a portal?

According to the experts at, the first reason to install a portal is to mitigate the risks of intrusion and to protect against the risks of break-ins and other dangers. It ensures the safety of the occupants of a property or dwelling. Whether it is equipped with integrated solutions or not, you can enjoy total privacy away from prying eyes and those of neighbours. Just like a garage door, a gate is also a significant aesthetic element. Thanks to the multiplicity of models available to customers, a portal contributes to the improvement of the outdoor space. Customizable as desired, it is possible to decorate it with original drawings. The design is also not to be outdone to give your property a special touch. There are many decoration options in addition to a wide choice of materials.

How to install an external gate?

First, there are three main types of external gates: the wicket gate, the casement gate and the sliding gate. The installation varies according to the model and the desired shape (convex, concave, right gate, angled up or down, gendarme hat). Nevertheless, there are some fundamental steps that are common to all types of external portals. They include: - The realization of the foundations - The construction and installation of the pillars - The treatment of materials, especially wood - Fixing the hinges Fixing the gate - The installation of the lock and the blocking of the floor Throughout the installation of your exterior gate, make sure that the ground is always flat. To protect yourself against sudden power cuts during your work, equip yourself with a relay battery. To ensure and guarantee the durability of your gate, check that the hinges are well lubricated and that all opening mechanisms are well lubricated.

Why entrust the installation of your gate to a professional?

It is best to use a professional for the installation and installation of your exterior or garage gate. He will be able to advise you on the appropriate solution and on the portal model that perfectly matches the configuration of your outdoor space. He has increased knowledge of the various properties of materials. In addition to impeccable finishes, you benefit from the assistance and know-how of an expert throughout your project. Professionals in the sector are also able to install customised external gates. This is the case with large-sized gates made of more elaborate and stylish materials. In addition, masonry work and the installation of engines require specific skills due to the complexity of the tasks involved. Generally certified and with convincing qualifications in the field, all your projects are covered by a ten-year warranty.
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