How to get your car back from the impound lot?

When driving on the street, you should always pay attention to your driving. Wherever you live, know that if you are found guilty of an offence, you can pay a fine. If you make a more serious mistake, it is even possible that your vehicle will be towed. Indeed, the cost of the penalty according to the offence you had committed. However, this also depends on the country and the situation of each driver. A motorist who is used to committing traffic offences has a bad reputation. However, in the event of a crime, it is likely that sending your car to the pound is more likely. In some countries such as France, every vehicle that is improperly parked in a public place or that presents a danger to the passenger is immediately sent to the pound. Indeed, the purpose of this law is to protect all individuals passing through the premises as well as other drivers. If your vehicle is currently impounded, be aware that you should take a few steps to recover it.

The first step: ensure who ordered the removal of the vehicle and what is the cause of the impoundment

Be aware that if you wanted to quickly recover a vehicle from the headland, you should always start by knowing who ordered the removal of your car and what the cause is. In general, this is requested by the police. Indeed, according to the law, the sending of an automobile to the impound lot can be caused by various situations. For example, in the event of non-compliance with the Highway Traffic Act, if the offence is serious, it is likely that your car will be towed directly to the pound. But in most cases, it is important to avoid that the location of your car presents dangers to others. A car that is parked in a public place, however, its present disturbs the public is driven immediately to the pound paris. In this case, avoid parking your car in the sidewalks.  Be aware that in France, a vehicle that is parked in a place for more than 7 days, and this, without the owner recovering it can also be impounded.

The second step: make a call to the nearest gendarmerie

Be aware that when impounding your car, gendarmes and police officers are always aware of it. Therefore, even if you can no longer find your car in the place you left it before your departure, you will have to call the nearest police station. It is possible that your vehicle may be a victim of theft. But if he was impounded with the confirmation of a police officer, you will have to use the telephone services of the pounds. Normally, when you call, the people who greet you will give you details of why your vehicle is currently impounded. They also explain the steps you should take to start recovery and the cost of the impound fee.

The last step: go directly to the pound

After your call to the pound, you are required to go directly to the premises. In this case, you will need to bring a return authorization with you. You can obtain it from the gendarmerie. But most often, when you call, the managers already explain how to get this authorization. At that time, you are required to complete a small form stating that you accept your responsibilities. You will also have to pay the collection fee. Remember that this cost is considered a fine. It varies according to the situation and, above all, according to the number of days your vehicle is impounded. The longer you leave it in the premises, the more the cost increases. The best thing is to pick up your car within 3 days of its pick-up at the latest.

What you need to understand about recovering a car from the impound lot

It should be noted that impounding a vehicle is not a random process. There's always a reason. So, you can avoid it. As a driver, you have an obligation to comply with the Highway Traffic Act and accept your responsibility. The most important thing is that you avoid parking your vehicle anywhere. You should also know that when you pick up your car, if you go to the premises, you will automatically get your car back. In this case, you will only have to pay a fine requested by the police. But don't forget that this is classified as one of the crimes you committed.
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