Buy temporary trailer insurance online

Trailers, although they do not have engines, are subject to the same hazards as cars because they can also be accident-prone. As a result, they must be properly insured. Given their occasional use, it is best to consider a temporary trailer insurance policy, which is usually purchased online.

Is trailer term insurance mandatory?

If you are planning to make an exceptional trip with higher loads, for example in the context of a move, or the transport of goods from one country to another, or the transport of heavy materials for building work, or the transport of vehicles..., the use of a trailer may be essential. In this case, it can be covered by car insurance or specific insurance.  For a trailer with a gross vehicle weight (GVW) of less than 750 kg, you do not need to take out trailer-specific insurance. The one of the towing vehicles is enough to cover the trailer. In this case, if you have a trailer weighing less than 750 kg, you only need to purchase temporary traction vehicle insurance. However, when the total weight of your trailer exceeds 750 kg, your car insurance is no longer enough to cover everything. This means that you are required to take out temporary trailer insurance.

What coverage for trailer term insurance?

Given its ephemeral nature, your trailer term insurance will temporarily cover your civil liability. Until the end of the contract, your insurer will protect you against damage that your trailer and its contents may cause to others. In addition, your insurer may also include the recourse-defence coverage in your contract. With this guarantee, you can avoid the costs of defending yourself in the event of a legal action. In practical terms, the scope of your trailer insurance may vary depending on the coverage you choose or your budget. If you wish, you can extend the level of coverage of your trailer term insurance by adding other coverages.

Buying temporary trailer insurance online, an easier life

As the Internet is now an integral part of French society, insurance companies are increasingly omnipresent on the Internet. What's more, taking out an online insurance contract offers a range of advantages. First, because online insurance companies offer services that are 100% dematerialized, allowing you to avoid unnecessary travel and expenses. To purchase trailer term insurance, all you must do is connect from your computer, or your smartphone, or your tablet without having to go to the branch. With just a few clicks, you can comfortably view the offers concocted by insurance companies. Via the web, subscription is done notably by means of a simple digital form. As for the sending of mandatory documents, this can be done directly by e-mail, which further speeds up the subscription process. After carefully studying your file, the online insurance company sends you back (by e-mail) a whole range of contracts that may correspond to you. All you must do is compare them to get the best price for protection. For equivalent coverage, online insurance companies offer profitable rates compared to traditional insurers.

Conditions for joining the trailer term insurance contract

For the online insurance company to accept your membership in the trailer term insurance contract, you must meet certain conditions. Such a contract normally only applies to drivers between the ages of 23 and 90. If you are not yet 23 years old, your application will be directly rejected. Then, you must hold a French or foreign driving licence corresponding to the driving of the category of trailer you wish to insure: licence B for a trailer whose registered PTAC does not exceed 3,500 kg and licence E accompanied by a B96 training for a trailer whose registered PTAC exceeds 3,500 kg. In addition, membership of the trailer term insurance contract will only be accepted if you have not recorded more than 2 automobile equipment claims and 1 bodily injury claim over the last 3 years. Your driving history must also be positive, so there must be no serious violations of the Highway Traffic Act, no suspension or cancellation of driving licences or termination for malus... As for the trailer in question, it must have a registration in the prefecture (because it weighs over 500 kg). If your trailer is not registered, the insurance company can directly refuse your application for membership. Insurance companies, whether traditional or online, have implemented these conditions with the aim of minimizing the risks they incur as much as possible. As a result, only drivers who deserve to be insured can benefit from the coverage provided by trailer term insurance.
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