What is comprehensive car insurance?

The car has become the most widespread and indispensable means of transport. But it is also the most prone to accident risks. Fortunately, insurance companies exist to protect victims from the risk of accidents. Let's discover one of the safest insurances that is the all-risk insurance.

All risk insurance

All risk insurance differs from third party insurance in that it is optional. It can act on two levels: If you are responsible for the accident, you pay the third party's expenses but at the same time the cost of repairing your vehicle is covered by your insurance company, If you are the victim of an accident for which the person responsible is unknown, such as acts of vandalism or damage caused by natural disasters, all-risk insurance covers the cost of repairs, unlike third-party insurance, with which you are the only one to pay for everything.

All-risk insurance: for whom and what benefits?

All risk insurance is the ideal insurance for those who have money to sell and especially if their small car has cost them a small fortune. This type of insurance offers interesting advantages such as covering several types of unforeseen events and being compensated pending any amicable resolution with the opposing insurance. All risk insurance also provides access to interesting coverage such as bodily injury coverage that reimburses medical expenses, funeral expenses or even expenses related to disability; service coverage that reimburses the cost of legal protection, whether a trial takes place. There are also material damage coverages (theft, fire, glass breakage) which limit the scope of all-risk insurance. The fee for guarantees can be either a lump sum or an indemnity.

Not so much so that all risks that it

Although the rates vary according to the insured's profile (type of car, profession, place of residence,), the fact remains that the all-risk insurance is more expensive being complete. The more you pay, the more effective the insurance will be. The all-risk insurance does not take into account the costs if the insured person does not comply with the traffic regulations and if the damage he causes damages to others, as in the case of taking substances such as alcohol, cigarettes, any hallucinogenic substances, invalid permits, etc.
Why do I need car insurance?
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