Car/motorcycle insurance: obligations

After purchasing a car or motorcycle, certain formalities are essential. Indeed, it is an obligation imposed by law to insure the driver, but also passengers and third parties in the event of an accident. But what do we need then? What are the regulations for two-wheeled vehicles?

Insurance: an obligation

For all persons driving a car or a two-wheeled car of any type (motorcycle, quad, tricycle...), "civil liability" is required, even if the car is not yet in circulation. This insurance covers any risk of bodily injury and material damage in the event of an accident, i.e. the payment of compensation to victims. The subscription and contribution depend on the type of vehicle. In addition, the insurance certificate takes the form of a sticker to be placed on the glass. Indeed, in the event of an accident or sudden control by the police and the vehicle does not have this insurance, the driver will be punished in various ways: payment of a fine, withdrawal of the driving licence or even impounding the car. For information, since December 1, 2016, an insurance certificate will be required to recover a car from the impound lot.

What to do in case of an accident?

To benefit from the insurer's compensation, you should first inform the insurer at the latest: in the event of an accident (for a maximum of 5 days), natural disaster (10 days) and theft (2 days). In general, in the event of an accident, an amicable report may be enough. The letter must include the following information: The causes of the accident The place, date and time Details of the damage: bodily injury and material damage In the event of an accident with a third party, his name, car registration and insurance number and the name of his insurer should be mentioned. If the owner has been robbed, he will have to add a copy of the complaint to his file.

Good to know!

Before subscribing, ask for a quote. If you are satisfied with the offer, you can make a commitment. Attention! Read about coverage of benefits to avoid any risk of conflict that may result. After concluding the contract, an insurance certificate is issued by the insurance company. In addition, it is also possible to modify or terminate the contract under certain conditions. But the notice period should be respected when cancelling!
Car/motorcycle insurance: subscription, modification, termination
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