What is the best insurance for an electric bike?

The electric-assisted bicycle is becoming more and more popular with the French public. The reasons for this high demand are simple: the price of this two-wheeled means of transport has fallen compared to its high price when it was launched on the market. In addition, this type of bicycle is considered as an ecological means of transport that helps to preserve the environment. You will find out more about this subject but especially about the insurance, assistance and subsidies you can get when buying these EABs.

What type of electric bike should be insured?

First, you should know that there are 3 types of electric bicycles. There is the bicycle with auxiliary motor and pedalling assistance. This electric bicycle has a maximum power of 250 W, a speed limit of 25 km/h and only a pedalling assistance. Anyone can use this type of EAB because its use does not require a minimum age. Please note that helmets, driver's licences, registration, license plates and certificates of conformity are not mandatory. With this type of bike, you must follow the same traffic rules as for cyclists. The second type of EAB concerns the motorized bicycle or e-bike, which has been equipped with a maximum power of 1000 W, a speed limit of 25 km/h and a pedalling assistance. Unlike bicycles with auxiliary motor and pedal assistance, to use this one must be at least 16 years old. It is not mandatory to have a helmet, driver's license, registration and license plate for this type of EAB. However, you must bring the certificate of conformity and apply the same traffic rules as cyclists. The third category concerns the Speed Pedelec cyclo class with a maximum power of 4000 W, a speed limit of 45 km/h and a pedalling assistance. You must be 16 years of age or older to use it. In addition, if you want to use this type of EAB, you must bring a bicycle or moped helmet and an AM (moped) or B (car) driver's license. To get your registration and license plate, it is necessary to go through your broker. In addition, you must ensure that the bike shop where you purchased your EAB gives you a certificate of conformity, a useful part for registration. When riding with your Speed Pedelec cyclo class, you must apply the same traffic rules as moped drivers.

Which insurance to choose for your electric bike?

Even if you know that the regulation of the electric tricycle does not imply compulsory insurance up to 25 km/h, it is still advisable to take some precautions by contracting an electric bicycle insurance against theft because indeed, your precious EAB is never safe from a criminal who would like to take it. It is also recommended that you take out an electric bicycle fire insurance policy. It is not uncommon for your bike to be prone to fire due to the presence of batteries and an electrical circuit in it. In this regard, you should not forget the civil liability coverage that is included in the comprehensive home insurance. This coverage covers cycling. However, you can also take out an individual accident insurance or a life accident insurance (GAV). These can provide additional protection in the event of an accident.

Subsidies for the purchase of an EAB

You can very well benefit from subsidies when you buy your electric bike. To do this, you must first check with your town hall, department, region or even company. You should know that about a hundred cities can partially finance your electric bike. For example, the City of Paris can finance 33% of the purchase price of an electric bicycle, without exceeding a purchase price of 400 euros, Nantes and its urban community can also offer 25% up to 300 euros, just as valid for the purchase of a dual-carrier bicycle or scooter, the Bordeaux Urban Community, which is able to subsidise EABs, folding bicycles, cargo bicycles and tricycles for adults up to 25% and up to 300 euros for one EAB, not to mention the cities of Besançon, Rouen, Tours, Colmar, Aix-les-Bains, Gap, Nice, Caen and many others. However, these subsidies do not exist in the cities of Marseille, Lyon and Toulouse.

The help you can get

Many communities encourage the purchase of electric vehicles and offer financial assistance. Indeed, communities in urban areas and departments can offer subsidies to their citizens. Aids that allow people living in small towns to enjoy the same advantages as city dwellers such as the Plaine de l'Ain, the Ardennes, the Aube, the Charente-Maritime or the Deux-Sèvres. In addition, some companies promote the use of electric bicycles to get to work and thus finance part of the purchase following a discussion between employee and employer.
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