Car/motorcycle insurance: subscription, modification, termination

Insurance is essential for any car or motorcycle with a speed above 6 km/h. But before any commitment, the choice of service provider is paramount in order to make the most of its services and to be well covered in the event of a claim. But how do I subscribe, modify or terminate a contract?

How to subscribe a contract?

First, think about making price comparisons first to get the best offer. Ask for some quotes to give you an idea of the average rate. Personal and car-related information will be requested to complete the quote. Online, there is no shortage of offers! Thus, after choosing an organization, the insurer must explain the scope of coverage, the conditions of access and the formalities necessary in the event of a claim. After agreement by both parties, an insurance certificate is issued. In any case, the subscription is easy, regardless of the service provider and a photocopy of the car's papers will be required. Find out more about

In case of modification, what are the steps to be taken?

Whether initiated by the insured or the organization, a change requires an amendment to the contract. And the mail must be sent by registered letter to prove that the deadline has been met. In the event of new conditions, the insured may decline. If it is the insured person who requests a change, the service provider may also refuse, but his response must be made within 10 days of the letter. The subscriber will have 30 days to accept it or not. In any case, the modification of a contract is possible, if the subscriber: experiences a significant change in his/her life (personal or professional) notes a decrease (the delay will be 3 months) or aggravation of the risks (the request must be made no later than 15 days later)

And what about termination?

The normal termination of the insurance is at the end of the term. Indeed, the contract is concluded for 1 year renewable. To terminate it, the letter must therefore reach the insurer at least two months before the end of the term. Moreover, the insurer is required to inform its client of the deadline each year. Failing this, the latter may terminate the contract within 15 days before the expiry date. In the event of a professional or personal change (relocation, change of job, retirement, etc.), following a rate revision or a flight, he or she may also request a cancellation of the contract.
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