Car insurance in Mauritius

The date of 8 June 2012 marked the moment when one of the Mauritian insurance agencies, considered one of the major players in the archipelago's insurance sector, launched the first offer accessible on the Internet. This first offer of car insurance contract is the first in the history of car insurance in the archipelago.

Specific features of the first car insurance service in Mauritius

The first service provider to launch the virtual service in Mauritius was a travel insurance service. This service, set up by one of Mauritius' leading insurance companies, has also taken advantage of the success of the services available on the Internet to set up the online car insurance offer. The objective of this insurance service is to enable the insurance company to remain a local leader in this sector of activity. To consolidate its position, the insurance company offers customers an innovative product that makes it easier to subscribe to car insurance coverage. To cover any damage, you can complete the online registration form. The car insurance site is also an opportunity to manage the quotation, insured persons can also pay their contributions via the Internet. Nowadays, insurance in Mauritius is very common. The ideal offer can be found by comparing the different formulas available. For more information on car insurance in Mauritius, click here.

What insurance should I take out in Mauritius?

Travellers who decide to spend a few days on holiday in Mauritius and decide to rent a vehicle must subscribe to the only general public insurance. This is third party insurance, the insurance contract that covers the driving of a vehicle on the road. Mauritians and foreigners who own secondary housing in this paradise archipelago should take out home insurance. Indeed, in Mauritius burglaries are not uncommon. About health, the inhabitants of Mauritius are entitled to free public hospitals. However, it is possible to take out health insurance in order to benefit from services in a clinic. It will also be necessary to be wary of the waiting periods applied by certain services.

Why take out car insurance in Mauritius?

Car insurance in Mauritius is very useful to drive with peace of mind. While the acquisition of vehicles represents an independent means of travel, this investment is also the beginning of some concerns. Insurance is useful because an accident can happen at any time. Mauritian drivers involved in a serious accident or a minor collision are now protected from financial expenses if they have taken the trouble to insure themselves.
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