What is legal protection for car insurance?

Still unknown to drivers, legal protection coverage is an insurance policy that provides legal assistance in the event of a dispute between the insured and a third party. Most of the time it is simply advised during the subscription and yet, it is a guarantee that can be strongly used in the event of litigation or legal proceedings.

What does it consist of?

Legal protection coverage allows the insured person to quietly approach legal proceedings since it covers the costs resulting from the process. It can therefore apply both when the insured sues a third party and when he himself is sued. In other words, this coverage allows an insured person not to bear the legal costs if he or she is involved in a motor vehicle dispute. A real advantage for the latter since the invoice can be very high. The functioning is governed in this way; the legal protection guarantee fully covers the insured's beneficiaries. If the latter wishes to take legal action or wants to defend himself, he must contact his insurer in order to obtain his agreement. Thereafter, he or she may choose the lawyer who will represent him or her during the legal proceedings. The professional's remuneration will also be determined in agreement with the company.

How to choose?

Since the terms of the contract vary from one insured to another, this coverage can exist in two forms. The coverage is included directly on the car insurance contract. In this specific case, it will focus specifically on the automobile disputes encountered: lawsuits against another driver, a garage, etc. The coverage can also be offered outside the car insurance contract. Thus, it may have broader scope and fields of intervention than disputes relating to the automotive industry. However, it is important to discuss with your insurance company in order to know the ideal formula for your situation. This is to avoid paying contributions that are not within your reach or do not correspond to your needs.

How does legal protection coverage work?

In fact, it makes it possible to prevent legal proceedings through mediation and, if necessary, to take charge of them. The insured will then be able to benefit from the advice and legal assistance of a professional. In the event of a lawsuit, the fees and related expenses will also be covered by the company. In order to assert their rights, these elements must be included in the contract. It is also important to note that if the insured is ordered to pay benefits, they will not be paid.  
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