Suspension of licences due to the consumption of alcohol or drugs: what are the options for taking out new insurance?

Buying new car insurance after suspending or revoking a licence due to alcohol or drug use is not an easy task. However, today, particularly in France, there are solutions for terminated drivers. Follow the details.

The consequences of drunk driving on the car insurance policy

Following a suspension of a BAC licence announced to the insurance company, it is customary for the insurance company to review the new risk profile of the alcoholic driver for 10 days. It then informs him of its decision, which may result in an increase in the penalty and a 150% increase in the premium if the alcoholic driver is responsible for an accident without having committed an offence. This can increase to 200% in the event of licence cancellation or when several suspensions of more than 2 months have occurred during the same period. In the event of frequent cumulative infringements, the penalty may increase up to 400%, but not beyond. The company may also exclude the legal warranty. In this case, the insurer will not cover or compensate for damage following an accident caused by an alcoholic driver. In the worst case, it can also terminate the car insurance contract and the offending driver will be entered in AGIRA's file. This is a register that can be consulted by all insurance companies and contains all cancelled drivers. More information on this subject is available at

The consequences of drug use on the car insurance contract

Just like drunk driving, the use of narcotics constitutes an exclusion of guarantee on a contract. The penalty may be adapted according to the seriousness of the incident, the number of victims and the value of the compensation. The latter may possibly cover the victims of the drugged driver but will turn to him for payment of the sums paid. In the event of a dispute between the insurer and the offending driver, the resolution can be taken to court, which often results in the insurer's victory. It is possible to anticipate the insurance company if such a case occurs. It is indeed possible to cancel your car insurance policy yourself. This will prevent the driver from recording in the AGIRA file. Therefore, it is enough to find a new insurance company. Your insurer will often approve your request, but be careful, they may also decide to punish you severely by cancelling the contract themselves.

Solutions for purchasing new insurance after retirement of a licence

For drivers who have terminated for drug use or drunk driving, it is not easy to take out new insurance. However, there are ways to find car insurance after your licence is suspended or revoked. The first will be to choose a specialized insurance. The fact that you are cancelled by your insurance does not exempt a driver who is at fault from no longer having the right to be insured. Whatever your situation, the auto insurance requirement holds. The law requires an insurance contract for any motor vehicle. Today, especially in France, cancelled motorists no longer face dead ends. There is quite a lot of car insurance specialized in the field of cancelled drivers. The second would be to become a secondary driver. Joining as a secondary driver on a loved one's contract is also one of the solutions for drivers who are terminated for drug use or drunk driving. However, insurers may refuse this provision because of the risk profile of the insured. In general, registration as a secondary driver is free of charge. Moreover, this solution is still less expensive than a re-enrolment in a car insurance contract.   Another solution will also be the use of the law. If a terminated driver reports a history of increased risk and all insurers refuse to cover his liability, he may contact the Central Underwriting Bureau (CPA). The BTC can oblige a car insurance company to cover a terminated car and to charge it the rate it has estimated in advance. The CPA can be used if the offending driver can attest to two written auto insurance rejections. It should be noted that the procedures for using the CPS remain long and complex.

Risks in the event of non-declaration to the insurer

Forgetting to report your driver's licence suspension to your insurer or knowingly concealing your actions can result in penalties. A false statement, whether voluntary or not, can lead your insurance company to avoid the non-value of the contract and deny you any coverage in the event of a claim. Therefore, the insurer must justify your bad faith. Indeed, if you have involuntarily forgotten to declare your situation, this does not necessarily lead to the non-value of your contract, but only to a relative simplification of your guarantees.
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