The main advantages of international health insurance

Travelling is good but succeeding in doing so while preserving your health is even better!... Be aware of the possible risks you may incur while travelling, the bad consequences they could have on your health and the good measures to take to deal with them in complete serenity.

Be careful when travelling abroad!

Whether in a personal or professional context, travelling from one country to another is always a great opportunity to seize. And no matter what mode of transportation or locomotion you use to get around, you have a range of choices: on land (by car, train, bicycle, scooter or foot), at sea (such as by boat) or in the air (such as by plane). But apart from the fact that travelling in a country other than your own, can be mainly synonymous with a source of pleasure for an escape from your daily routine, or relaxation by enjoying your leisure time in an unusual setting, or discovering to the admiration of the beauty of new landscapes, or expanding your own knowledge to include new cultures and traditions,... you should still be prepared for any eventuality related to your health, hence the importance of purchasing travel insurance before you leave.

The small risks harmful to your health during your trip!

As you probably already know, each country has its own identity, its own typical environment and the way of life to which its people are accustomed. Thus, from one country to another, certain factors could generate threats, even risks, which could seem insignificant to you, but which are nevertheless not insignificant, even vital, for your personal health during your trip. To name but a few: *jet lag (which you may find difficult to bear and thus be a source of discomfort), *the simple bite of a mosquito during your sleep (which could cause malaria or dengue fever in you for example), *or a cough from another person spread in the air around you (with which you can get tuberculosis), *or just a lack of hygiene in the place where you are (which could lead to cholera), *or an unprotected relationship with your partner (who could infect you with a sexually transmitted disease), *or the common open wound due to an animal bite during your walk (through which you can have tetanus), ... To these can also be added common symptoms of discomfort, such as: diarrhea, chills, vomiting, allergy, fatigue, dehydration, fever, nausea, heavy legs, ...

Be fully reassured during your journey!

You have understood prevention is better than cure! Fortunately, solutions are at your disposal to ensure that your stay abroad is carried out in the best possible conditions! So, take care of your health, it is better to do too much than not enough! To avoid any annoying and avoidable problems, take the trouble to take out international health insurance before boarding. This will provide you with financial coverage in the event of an incident (theft or loss, medical assistance, deposit, flight delay or missed flight, hospitalization costs, death, civil liability, transfer,...) suffered during your stay, wherever you are in the world.  
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